Year 2016

Opal International Pastel Exhibition - Boulogne sur Mer (march)
17ème Exhibition of Yvecrique (march)
Pastel in Burgundy - Gevrey Chambertin (april)
Personal exhibition Châtellaillon Plage (may)
Art of Pastel in France - Giverny (june)
International Landscape Exhibition (june)
Society of Pastellists of France- Feytiat (june to september)
Personal exhibition Ile d'Oléron- St Trojan les Bains - from june 19 to july
Pastel in Périgord - Saint Aulaye (24) (july - august)
Society of Pastellists of France - La Rochelle (septembre and october)
Art in Sud Yvelines - Clairefontaine en Yvelines - 30/9 to 2/10

Summary of exposures

Please find below  a simplified list of events where some of my paintings have been exhibited.


Painters of the Bocage - Flers - November - Obtaining the Rotary Club Prize
Pastel in Charente - 16430 Champniers - November
Painters of Josas - Jouy en Josas - October
Painters market Rueil Malmaison (92): October
Pastel en Yvelines - October - Audience Award Obtaining
Pastel Exhibition in Brittany - 35 Fougeres August - Obtaining Hyperrealism prize
International Exhibition of Pastel in Giverny (27) APF - June
Wave Art - Houlgate (14) - May
1 Pastel Festival of Pastel in South of Paris - Egly (91) - April- Obtaining the Public Prize
Internationale Exhibition of Pastel "Grand Sud" - Villepinte (11)
Art Salon of the Colombier - St Arnoult en Yvelines - April
The art fair of Perrray in Yvelines - March
Art Salon of Artistic and Cultural Circle of Antony (92) - Janv


Autumn Show and Young Artists - 91 Bievres: November
Art South Yvelines Clairefontaine en Yvelines: Obtaining October- 1 Audience Award
Pastel Charente - 16430 Champniers from 11 to 17 October
Painters market Rueil Malmaison (92): October
Pastel Exhibition in Brittany - 35 Fougeres August
International Exhibition of pastels St. Aulaye (24): July / August
Artists of our region Mennecy: March
1 exhibition of Opal Coast: Saint-Léonard (62): March - Acquisition Award "Géant des Beaux Arts"
Versailles CCAS - January